The Three Rooms in Valerie’s Head Review

Jan 15, 2018

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The Three Rooms in Valerie’s Head Trade Paperback
IDW Publishing

Created By: David Gaffney & Dan Berry

There are times you might want to take a break from the heroes of the comic book world and dive into something a bit more down to earth. The Three Rooms in Valerie’s Head is an excellent example of that. In this 120-page trade paperback, we meet Valerie and get to see into her interior life. Like so many of us, Valerie has been unlucky in love but always believes that it will be different the next time. What makes her a little more unique is what she does with her exes. At least what she does in her head with them. I am no jazz expert, but I am pretty sure this is not the best way to form a band, Val.

Along with the mental fund shi that we get to see, this comic also allows us to follow Valerie in her quest for love. This series is both deep and funny with how it deals with situations a lot of us have been in. David and Dan make you care about Val very early on and you want to see her succeed. But who can save somebody who does not seem ready to be saved? My money would be on Stanley, he is something special. I will not spoil anything in this review because I do not want you, dear readers, to have any preconceived ideas on how things will play out.

The art in this book may seem very simple, but it works with the story. It also helps that it does not take away from the dialogue. It amazes me anytime an artist can create a cartoon style and make it feel real. You will look at the pages and recognize people and places. Sometimes it will be someplace well known, or a person only you know. I believe that this is a universal comic that so many people will enjoy.