Tim Miller Almost Directed WB’s ‘Lobo’ Before Making ‘Deadpool’

Apr 12, 2016


Tim Miller while speaking with HitFix reveals that two or three years ago he met with Warner Bros. about directing their Lobo movie. He would eventually helm Deadpool instead leading to the most profitable X-Men installment.

“I mean personally I met on Lobo 2-3 years ago, they had a script then”

This is the first time we’ve heard Miller’s name in connection with Lobo, as Guy Ritchie and Brad Peyton had been attached in the past to direct. The script Tim is referring to might have been Don Payne’s old draft which was mostly set on Earth.

The three actors linked for the Lobo role have since landed recent roles in the DCCU with Jeffrey Dean Morgan in Batman v Superman, Clancy Brown in Suicide Squad and Dwayne Johnson in Shazam!. Even fan-favorite Jason Momoa, who loved the idea of playing Lobo was cast as Aquaman in Justice League and his own solo film.

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Oddly enough, even though Fox has reportedly greenlit the Deadpool sequel with finalizing deals with Ryan Reynolds and screenwriters to return, Miller is without an official offer to come back.

Lobo reportedly is back in development with Wonder Woman screenwriter Jason Fuchs developing a brand new take on the script. Maybe once Miller is finished working on Deadpool 2 he could jump over to Warner Bros. and knockout a badass Lobo movie as well.

A project like Lobo could be the DCCU Deadpool, as the source material does lend itself to an R-rating along with more of action comedy edge to it. Originally, the past incarnations had a PG-13 rating in mind but could never get itself into production.

Warner Bros. hasn’t revealed their development on the project officially or even a release date.


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