Tim Miller Hints ‘Terminator’ Shoots In 2018; ‘Goon’ and ‘Heavy Metal’ Announcements Soon?

Jul 26, 2017

Deadpool director Tim Miller isn’t the most visible guy out there, but he recently did an interview with Collider’s Comic Book Shopping and dropped some cool tidbits about future projects.

First, he hinted that his Terminator reboot he’s making with James Cameron could be shooting next year (our assumption). Terminator has popped-up on our production radar as using the working title of simply “Terminator” and not Terminator 6, cementing this is indeed a reboot as originally planned from the get-go. This aspect was recently confirmed by producer James Cameron who reaffirmed their plan will be a reboot trilogy.

“Another big movie will happen hopefully start shooting next year.”

This isn’t the only project Miller teased during the interview with Collider, he said there will be an incoming announcement concerning Blur’s animated movie based on the comic book The Goon. Blur recently made a deal with Sony to make a Sonic The Hedgehog movie, did they maybe pick it up or should we expect to see this become another Netflix buy?

One mystery project he referred to as an animated “anthology” project that we suspect is most likely his Heavy Metal revival project.

“I’m working on a big anthology animation thing that I can’t quite announce yet.”

Omega Underground covered Heavy Metal extensively last year breaking down it’s segment details and a bunch of official concept art. Miller and David Fincher attempted to shop the project around it had the likes of James Cameron, Guillermo del Toro, Zack Snyder, Fincher, and others lined up to direct segments. It has been in limbo with Robert Rodriguez, but it sounds like it might have found new life.



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