Tim Miller’s ‘Terminator’ Reboot Is Simply Titled ‘Terminator’

Jun 6, 2017

When it was revealed that Deadpool’s Tim Miller would focus his energy on a new Terminator film after exiting Deadpool 2. There was speculation if this was going to be a continuation of previous films. It was said that Tim’s Heavy Metal reboot co-director James Cameron would come on board to support Miller’s new vision. This via his company Lightstorm Entertainment for a reboot and not another sequel.

It remains to be seen if we’ll seen an entirely new string of human characters (moving away from the Connor family) while Arnold Schwarzenegger has suggested he’ll be involved in some way.

ProductionWeekly has listed the film as simply as Terminator instead of Terminator 6 (or some other silly name), cementing Miller’s intentions are indeed a reboot. This isn’t likely the final title but it’s interesting as development continues.

The new film setup at Paramount Pictures and Skydance is without a release date or even a screenwriter. It’s unknown when production will actually begin on the project. Previous cast members outside of Arnold aren’t expected to be involved. Miller is a deeply committed science fiction fan and could be cooking up ideas with well known novelists, not just screenwriters.

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