Tis The Season

Dec 24, 2010


This time of year always gets to me; the family, the friends, the hot cocoa, the unfailing American consumerism, and of course the awesome deals on Steam. As I sit back and reflect this holiday season I am drawn more and more to appreciate the little things, my daughter’s first time opening gifts, my dogs insatiable lust for fudge and my wife’s nagging about getting all the presents wrapped.  But like all good holidays this one eventually gets out of hand, and when that does, it is nice to be able to escape for a brief moment and slaughter zounds of unwary pixilated monsters.

This time of year Steam has the most amazing deals on tons of games that will cure your holiday slump (not to mention make great gifts). I myself picked up Deathspank for 50% off, a little Christmas gift to me. That is just one of the many deals you can find, with games ranging from 20-75% off, there is something for everyone. So go check it out before it’s too late and you get stuck caroling in the snow for 6hrs straight, trust me, you will thank me later.