Titans 2X11 “E.L_.O” (Review)

Still messy, but going in the right direction.

It goes without saying, but the last two episodes of Titans went completely off the rails. All season long, fans have been eagerly awaiting for the Titans to officially come back together and it’s clear that this show is at its weakest when characters are separated.

Unfortunately, Episodes 9 and 10 saw the Titans break up yet again, leaving fans wondering if the title team would ever reunite for good. But thankfully, despite some messy storytelling, fans may have finally gotten their wish; it only took 11 episodes to get there.

Keep the characters together. 

By this point, it’s extremely obvious that “Titans” is at its weakest when the characters are separated. Some of the individual storylines are interesting (Jason/Dick) and some are downright painful (Raven/Beast Boy). Nevertheless, the show fires on all cylinders when the Titans are together.

Case and point, The Diner Scene.

It’s the best scene in the episode, showing how well each character bounces their personalities off one another. This is what “Titans” should be. A show with unique superheroes working together to solve problems. That’s what fans expected going into this show from the beginning and we finally may have the Titans reunited for good by the finale and it only took 2 full seasons……

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The MVP is carrying the load.

“Curran Walters” as Jason Todd is the best character in this show.

This is not a debate. Whenever he’s not in an episode, you can bank on it not being as good as the others. The previous episode was by far the worst and it’s no coincidence that Jason Todd was nowhere to be found. That’s how vital his character has been.

His individual storyline is by far the most interesting and his relationship with Rose is incredibly strong as well. They have great chemistry, you’re invested in these two characters and you want to see both acknowledged as core members of the Titans. They are the outsiders, so it wouldn’t be shocking if they turned their back on the team for good.

“Walters” has kept this show afloat, even during worst of episodes and deserves a Jason Todd Spinoff.

No more pity parties and tighten up the story.

It’s not that this show has too many characters, it’s that the show runners don’t know how to properly share the spotlight among them. There’s just way too many individual plot lines to follow and it causes some extremely messy storytelling. Here’s a list of all the plot lines:

  • Dick’s guilt in prison over Jericho
  • Starfire’s Homeworld Problems
  • Raven dealing with her demons
  • Hawks Drug Problem
  • Dove and Wonder Gals Boyfriend issues
  • Jason/Rose Romance
  • Beast Boy is in trouble
  • Superboy’s issues
  • Deathstroke Plot
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It’s a freaking mess. There’s just way too much going on and many of these subplots don’t tie into the overall narrative. It’s just becoming tedious. Fans don’t want to see every single character out of costume and struggling with issues that fans don’t care about. Fans want to see heroics, they want to see optimism and they want to have fun watching these characters kick butt.

That hasn’t happened and for 90% of season 2, characters have been chilling in Titan Tower doing absolutely nothing. But FINALLY, there seems to be progress and you start to get the sense that the Titans are about to have their big reunion.


E.L._.O is yet another episode that has way too much going on but fortunately has a light at the end of the tunnel. The first half is one big mess but the second half is what we want to see out of this show. All of the Titans are starting to come together, rather than go it solo and they’re starting to understand that they need to lean on each other to survive. One can only hope that this is the last time the Titans split apart.

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