Titans Season 2 Episode 13, “Nightwing” (Review)

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Season 2, Episode 13 “Nightwing”

A terrible finale capping off a miserable Season 2

We all thought that “Titans” was heading in the right direction when they made changes to the Season 1 finale.

Those changes seemed to pay off in the beginning because Season 2 started out on a positive note; having a sense of fun and light-heartedness that the first season was lacking. We thought for sure that this season would bring the Titans together for some fun adventures and crime fighting justice. 13 episodes later, it’s now extremely obvious that the show runners have absolutely no idea what they’re doing because this season might actually be worse.

Every creative decision made has been for the worse with no signs showing that things will improve. It’s a shame because these characters have rich and deep backstories and they deserve so much better than what this show has given them.

There’s no way around this, the Season 2 Finale “Nightwing” is everything that is wrong with this show.

Too Many Characters

Outside of the terrible blue filter, this is the show’s biggest problem. There are far too many characters and the writers have zero idea of how to balance all of their storylines properly. 

Subplots and side characters are set up and then dropped for no reason, making for extremely frustrating storytelling. The subplots don’t feel naturally woven into the story, they feel like acts of desperation because the showrunners had no idea on how to progress the plot. You would think that the subplots would all come together in the finale and in a way, it does but it’s executed so poorly.

There is a scene where a certain character (who was nowhere to be found in the first 25 minutes) randomly jumps in to the final battle. Umm ok, what? You could just imagine a text bubble that says “Hey remember me? Yeah I’m still a character in this show.

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It was simply baffling because it had no effect on the outcome. That’s a common theme here because more than half of these characters have been useless. Why need Hawk and Dove when you have Superboy? Can this show give Starfire and Raven something to do? Can the show have any sort of focus? It’s these questions that have caused endless headaches for both fans and audiences alike.

A major identity crisis

Inconsistency in tone has been another major issue with Season 2.

Say what you want about “Titans” Season 1, at least that season committed to its brooding tone of darkness. It may not have been for everyone but it knew what it wanted to be. Here, Season 2 is trying to have its cake and eat it too. The finale does nothing to fix these issues; especially with the humor.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, the show’s humor is terrible. Not only is it not funny but many times, it’s out of place and takes away from the pacing and the flow of the story. Fights literally stop in their tracks just to tell a terrible joke and nothing feels earned or natural.

It wants to be the “Arrowverse” but also wants to be more serious. You can’t have it both ways. Either be one or the other but the Season 2 Finale never makes up its mind and provides zero clarity for what it wants to be.

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Incredible costumes and action are the only things going for this show

This has been the one constant positive; the action and the costumes have always delivered.

The Nightwing costume is cinematic quality and one of the best costumes ever put on screen. Seeing Nightwing vs Deathstroke is a complete treat and will sure to leave fans satisfied. Having that group shot of Nightwing alongside the beautiful costumes of Dove, Wonder Gal and Hawk is something that deserves recognition.

Outside of Jason Todd, the fight choreographers and costume designers have been the true MVPs of this show. Their work rivals some of the MCU and DCEU’s best work and is worthy of the highest praise imaginable. Every time Season 2 is about to go off the rails, an incredible fight sequence pulls you back in.

You just wish that these costumes and fight sequences had been at the service of a better story and better characters. 

The Verdict

“Nightwing” is a frustrating ending to a highly disappointing Season 2.

Outside of the great costumes and cinematic action, there are simply too many characters, storyline failures and tonal inconsistencies for a season finale to handle. It comes down to the showrunners trying to do too much. They need to learn from their mistakes and improve upon them going into next season. Bottom line, changes need to be made and they need to be made swiftly because there’s only so long that viewers will wait for a show to finally get good.

Here’s to hoping that Season 3 delivers what fans have wanted since the beginning; Teamwork, Optimism and Crime Fighting Awesomeness.

Grade: 4 out of 10

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