Titans Season 2 Episode 4 “Aqualad” (Review)


Season 2, Episode 4 “Aqualad”

Another Episode That’s Equally As Great, As It Is Frustrating.

Episode 4 of Titans has a lot of great things going for it and it even has some of the best Titan interactions of the show thus far. Unfortunately, the show’s consistent pacing and story issues continue to poke their ugly heads out yet again. It is these issues that have lead to a frustrating viewing experience over the past 2 episodes. Especially when this show has so much potential. 

Honestly, the great moments in Season 2 are so good that they will continue to keep audiences tuned in; patiently waiting for the show to meet that potential.​ Unfortunately, that patience is starting to run out.

Let’s Pick Up The Pace

Season 2 of Titans started out extremely strong, leaving behind the unnecessary grittiness for a more light-hearted tone; the smart and proper move. But ever since the Season 2 premiere, the Titans seems to be stuck in neutral. Because Season 2 hit the reset button, each episode is again taking its time in setting up all of these new characters; too much time in fact. Truthfully, the past 3 episodes have been mostly set up and not a lot of plot progression.

Now this makes some sense because of show restart and tonal shift but it’s time for the plot to start moving forward. Maybe some new developments with Deathstroke’s plans or having the Titans go out and stop a bank heist or even performing some kind of espionage mission to gain leverage on Deathstroke and Dr. Light (the main villains of Season 2). Instead, far too much time is spent on relationship problems, talking about unnecessary life choices and a whole lot of farting around while waiting for things to happen.

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Granted, for all the complaining about the lack of action, it does provide for great character moments. You do care about Wonder Girl, Robin and others, but we have known these characters for over a year now and it’s time to start seeing them kicking butt as the Titans.

This is where the show shines the most.

More Butt Kicking And Less Drama Please

When the Titans are in uniform and out stopping crime, that is when this show is at its best. There is an amazing suit up scene that leads to a great confrontation with Dr. Light and the team. It’s well shot, well choreographed and you see each Titan member get part of the spotlight. It’s easily the best scene this episode and defines exactly why fans paid for DC Universe.

So the fact that these moments are few and far between is exactly why this show is so frustrating.

Fans want to see these amazing costumes in action, they want to see the Titans. So moving forward, we hope that the show-runners are saving the best for last because fans can only take so much melodrama. Bottom line, more action and less drama, or at least more plot progression is the way to go.

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Aqualad Is A Disappointment 

For an episode that features the title character, Aqualad was about as disappointing as a new character can be. Boring, generic and is just there to look good and to serve as a plot device for Wonder Girl. Truthfully, there is simply nothing to his character.

No disrespect to Aqualad actor “Drew Van Acker,” but literally anyone else could have played Aqualad and maybe even played him better. He looks great in the costume and he has an amazing smile. That’s it; that’s all he brings to this character. Honestly, there’s nothing more to say about this character because he is just a lifeless red and blue mannequin.

One can only hope that Superboy gets a better on-screen treatment than what we saw with Aqualad.

The Verdict


Episode 4 – Aqualad is nothing more than a placeholder episode. It does nothing to progress the plot, wastes it’s Title Character and you feel that no story progression has been made. A lack of plot progression has been a common theme this season and it’s starting to be noticed more and more with every new episode. However, you stay interested because when the Titans are actually doing Titan things, that’s when the show shines brightest. This season is still stuck in the “Set-Up” phase, we get that, but there is a time for the actual plot of Season 2 to kick in and that time is now.

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