Titans United: Bloodpact #1: DC Comics Review

Sep 21, 2022

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With a new Titans United series comes the same Titans problems. The latest entry in the series involves Raven and her father, Trigon. In the new series Titans United: Bloodpact, they must work together to figure out what happened and restore things to normal. 

DC Comics 
Words by Cavan Scott
Art by Lucas Meyer
Color by Tony Avina
Letters by Carlos M. Mangual

Titans United: Bloodpact starts off focusing on what Raven did while trying to figure out the truth of her existence and relationship with Trigon. Like many classic Titans stories, they must save Raven and undo everything that has happened. 

What makes this underwhelming is how quickly and jumbled everything happens. The heroes’ choices, especially Raven, are based purely on convenience to push the story forward. With all the chaos, the other characters come off bland and forgettable. 

Titans United: Bloodpact is disappointing, given the creative team involved. Everything about it feels rushed and pieced together to meet a missed deadline. The issue has some good, like the art and character banter, but those are muddled and hidden. Overall, it is not good; hopefully, future issues can be saved.

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