Title: “2024 Blockchain Threatscape: Ethereum’s Battle and Klever’s Triumph”

Jun 18, 2024

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Most Attacked Blockchains in 2024

Most Attacked Blockchains in 2024


Highlighting the most attacked blockchains in 2024, focusing on Ethereum as the primary target for cybercriminals, the challenges faced, security measures employed, insights into notable incidents, and how Klever maintains security integrity.


Blockchain technology is constantly evolving, but with growth comes risks. In 2024, Ethereum faced the highest number of cyber attacks, resulting in significant financial losses. This article delves into the most attacked blockchains of the year, Ethereum’s challenges, security measures, and notable incidents like the Gala Games exploit, while also exploring Klever’s security strategies amidst increasing threats.

Main Points

Ethereum Cyber Attacks

In 2024, Ethereum was the most targeted blockchain by hackers and fraudsters, accounting for 43% of total cryptocurrency losses from attacks in May alone. The network faced nine significant attacks that month, reflecting its vulnerability due to extensive use in decentralized finance projects.

How Ethereum Deals With Cyber Attacks?

Ethereum employs various security measures including smart contract audits, bug bounty programs, network upgrades, decentralized security, real-time monitoring, community collaboration, and Layer 2 solutions to enhance its resilience against cyber attacks.

What Is The Safest Blockchain In 2024?

Klever emerges as the safest blockchain in 2024, emphasizing security through a hybrid consensus mechanism, rigorous testing, developer and community focus, and governance involving the Klever Finance Token (KFI) for decision-making and added security layers.

What’s Next For Blockchain Technology?

As blockchain technology advances, security remains a paramount concern. The experiences of Ethereum and Klever in 2024 offer insights into ongoing security challenges in the DeFi space, the importance of continuous improvement in security practices, and the need to protect the integrity of blockchain ecosystems.


Blockchain technology faces escalating risks as it evolves. Ethereum’s susceptibility to cyber attacks in 2024 underscores the persistent security challenges in the DeFi sector. While Ethereum enhances its security measures, Klever stands out as the safest blockchain in 2024, showcasing robust security strategies. As blockchain technology progresses, safeguarding against cyber threats remains a crucial aspect that requires continuous advancements in security practices to ensure ecosystem integrity.