Title: “Celebrity Memecoin Scandals Unveiled by ZachXBT”

Jun 25, 2024

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ZachXBT Accuses Celebrities of Promoting Memecoins

ZachXBT Accuses Ronaldinho, Amber Rose, and G Herbo of Promoting Memecoins

ZachXBT criticizes prominent celebrities like Ronaldinho, Amber Rose, and G Herbo for promoting memecoins, labeling them as potential scams. Amidst the increasing influence of celebrities in the cryptocurrency market, concerns over regulatory oversight have intensified.

Celebrity Influence in the Cryptocurrency Market

Celebrities such as football legend Ronaldinho, model Amber Rose, and rapper G Herbo have been called out by crypto expert ZachXBT for their involvement in promoting memecoins, which he considers potential scams. The scrutiny began when ZachXBT criticized Jason Derulo for promoting his new coin, JASON, on June 24.

ZachXBT’s Warnings and Allegations

ZachXBT has raised concerns about Ronaldinho’s and Amber Rose’s endorsements of memecoins, accusing them of engaging in pump-and-dump schemes. He also highlighted G Herbo’s involvement in creating a memecoin named HERBO, which was allegedly a scam. The controversy underscores broader worries in the crypto community regarding celebrity influence and market manipulation.

Broader Concerns in the Crypto Community

Celebrity endorsements in the crypto space, as seen with figures like Ronaldinho, Amber Rose, and G Herbo, raise questions about regulatory loopholes and investor protection. With millions of followers, these influencers’ sway in the market could potentially lead to scams. The ongoing controversy emphasizes the need for transparency and caution in celebrity-backed crypto promotions.


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