Title: “CoinStats Security Breach: Lessons in Cryptocurrency Safety”

Jun 23, 2024

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Cryptocurrency Security Breach at CoinStats | Summary, Main Points, and Conclusion


A security breach affecting 1,590 cryptocurrency wallets has led CoinStats to temporarily suspend user activity. The breach has been contained, and none of the linked wallets or CEXes were compromised. CoinStats quickly addressed the issue, with only 1.3% of its wallets affected.


The recent security breach impacting CoinStats has raised concerns within the cryptocurrency community. CoinStats took swift action to mitigate the assault and temporarily disable its platform to address the security issue. This incident highlights the importance of proactive security measures in the cryptocurrency industry.

Main Points

CoinStats confirmed that the security breach affected 1,590 wallets, representing a small portion of its user base. The platform reassured users that their assets remained secure as it only requires read-only access to linked wallets. A Google document listing impacted wallets was provided for user reference, with ongoing updates promised as the investigation progresses.

Users were advised to transfer funds using exported private keys if their wallet addresses appeared on the impacted list. Additionally, caution was urged against potential fraudsters posing as helpers in light of recent security breaches across various cryptocurrency platforms.


The incident at CoinStats serves as a reminder of the persistent security challenges facing the cryptocurrency industry. As the platform addresses the breach and provides updates, users are urged to remain vigilant and prioritize secure practices when managing their cryptocurrency assets. The broader crypto community continues to grapple with security threats, reinforcing the need for enhanced security protocols and user awareness.