Title: “EasyA Revolutionizing Web3 Education with Polkadot Campaign”

Jun 20, 2024

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EasyA’s Polkadot Education Campaign


EasyA, the leading Web3 education app, announces its Polkadot education campaign after reaching one million developers. The platform focuses on teaching developers to build decentralized apps and fostering vibrant Web3 communities.


EasyA, a prominent Web3 education platform, has recently celebrated a milestone of one million developers. In response to this achievement, the company is launching a Polkadot education campaign to further support and educate developers in the industry.

Main Points

EasyA serves as a foundational resource for developers, empowering them to create dApps and contribute to Web3 communities. The platform has gained support from renowned venture capital firms, resulting in successful projects valued at over $2.5 billion.

The #180DaysofPolkadot campaign aims to educate 40,000 developers on dApp creation using Polkadot. Participants will gain practical experience in coding, deploying smart contracts, and engaging in open-source projects, culminating in hackathons in London and Harvard.

EasyA’s initiatives, including hackathons and educational efforts, have garnered significant industry attention and participation, making it a vital player in blockchain education and innovation.


EasyA’s Polkadot education campaign marks a strategic move to further engage developers in the Web3 space. By providing hands-on learning opportunities and fostering collaboration, EasyA continues to drive innovation and talent development in the blockchain industry.