Title: “Empowering Community Governance Through the Aragon Project and Polygon Hub”

Jun 14, 2024

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The Aragon Project and Polygon Governance Hub


The Aragon Project, a well-known DAO developer, created the Polygon Governance Hub to enhance community ownership and governance. The hub provides a transparent platform for community input and engagement.


The Aragon Project developed the Polygon Governance Hub to empower the community in shaping the future of Polygon technology. This initiative aims to promote decentralization and transparency through community-driven governance.

Main Points

Incorporating community input at every phase, the Polygon Governance Hub offers a consistent platform for smart contract governance and protocol decision-making. The hub focuses on enhancing involvement and transparency within the ecosystem through a structured and safety-centered process.

The governance hub’s three pillars include protocol governance, smart contract governance, and the community treasury, all integrated into a user-friendly interface. This approach ensures that community ideals are at the forefront of governance decisions.


The creation of the Polygon Governance Hub signifies a significant step for Ethereum Layer 2 Polygon in establishing community-driven governance and enhancing the overall governance framework. With a focus on community empowerment and transparency, the hub aims to solidify Polygon’s position in the competitive blockchain landscape.