Title: “Empowering Web3 Growth: Legislative Council’s Vision for Hong Kong”

Jun 22, 2024

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Legislative Council Subcommittee Focuses on Web3 Growth in Hong Kong


The Hong Kong Legislative Council has established a subcommittee to promote the growth of Web3 and virtual assets in the region. Members, including Johnny NG Kit-Chong, are seeking industry feedback to shape legislative recommendations, emphasizing the importance of attracting talent and fostering financial innovation in Web3 technology.


The Legislative Council of Hong Kong has taken steps to facilitate the development of Web3 and virtual assets by forming a subcommittee. This initiative aims to enhance the regulatory framework and support the growth of the virtual assets sector. Industry stakeholders, led by Johnny NG Kit-Chong, are actively engaging to provide insights for legislative proposals.

Main Points:

The focus of the subcommittee is on positioning Hong Kong as a global center for Web3 technology. Key discussions revolve around enhancing international collaboration and navigating the convergence of artificial intelligence and Web3 technologies. Additionally, attracting and retaining talent in Web3 and formulating rules to support Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are key areas of consideration.


With a commitment to fostering innovation while ensuring financial stability, the Legislative Council is working towards creating a balanced regulatory framework for Web3 and virtual assets. Measures to protect investors, enhance market trust, and strengthen consumer safeguards are being explored to promote the sustainable growth of the sector. The subcommittee’s efforts aim to establish Hong Kong as a prominent hub for Web3 technology and financial innovation.