Title: “Enhancing Network Security: The Path to Decentralization and Reliability”

Jun 22, 2024

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Article Summary

The Network Upgrade Bringing Openness and Security


A major step towards decentralization is being taken with the introduction of fault proofs on the Sepolia testnet, enhancing network security and openness. The withdrawal process on the testnet is undergoing significant changes with extended timelines and new protocols.


Base is advancing towards decentralization by implementing fault proofs on the Sepolia testnet in mid-July. This move aims to ensure transaction integrity and improve the network’s security and reliability.

Main Points:

Decentralizing Layer 2 networks requires fault proofs, which will be introduced on the Sepolia testnet to enable decentralized assertions about the network’s status. This change will enhance network openness and security for all participants.

The testnet’s withdrawal process is being revamped, with extended timelines and new protocols like the “DisputeGameFactory” for output root claims. Users need to be aware of the updated withdrawal procedures to avoid any disruptions.


Base’s network upgrade signifies a crucial step towards enhancing security and openness in the blockchain ecosystem. By implementing fault proofs and refining withdrawal processes, Base is evolving to meet the growing demands of its users and ensure a more secure and efficient network.