Title: “Enhancing TON Network Connectivity: Bitget Wallet’s Strategic Advancements”

Jun 24, 2024

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Bitget Wallet Launches TON Network Support


Bitget Wallet, a leading Web3 trading ecosystem, has introduced a support package for the TON network to enhance connectivity with decentralized applications. This initiative aims to cater to the growing interest of the community in the TON ecosystem.


Bitget Wallet has launched a comprehensive support package for the TON network, strengthening its ties to decentralized applications within the ecosystem. The integration of the TON Connect protocol allows users to engage with various TON dApps, including popular games like Catizen and Hamster Kombat.

Main Points

With the inclusion of the TON Connect protocol, Bitget Wallet has witnessed a surge in new users, particularly attracted by the TON ecosystem games. The ecosystem’s growth has been further bolstered by Telegram’s massive user base, surpassing Ethereum in daily active addresses.


Bitget Wallet’s commitment to expanding services and enhancing user engagement is evident through initiatives like the Bitget Onchain Layer and the BWB Ecosystem Fund. By launching its native token, BWB, and emphasizing strategic growth, Bitget Wallet solidifies its position as a key player in the Web3 and cryptocurrency sectors.