Title: “ENSO’s $4.2M Funding Boost for Blockchain Innovation”

Jun 25, 2024

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ENSO Announces Successful Funding Round


ENSO, the first intent engine driving chain abstraction, has completed a funding round of over $4.2 million. The funds will be used for product development, including launching their L1 cosmos-based blockchain.


ENSO has secured funding from Ideo Ventures, Hypersphere, and over 60 angels to support its innovative intent-centric future. Over $11 billion in on-chain settlements have been facilitated by ENSO tooling, benefiting more than 35 active projects.

Main Points

  • ENSO’s funding round exceeds $4.2 million for product development and blockchain launch.
  • Participation from Ideo Ventures, Hypersphere, and 60+ angels, including notable names like Safe, Titan, and Yearn.
  • ENSO has supported over $11 billion in on-chain settlements, aiding in the growth of infrastructure and DeFi applications.
  • ENSO aims to transform blockchain interactions by enabling composable applications without manual integrations.


Connor Howe of ENSO expressed excitement over the funding, citing it as validation of their vision to revolutionize blockchain interactions. ENSO serves as a crucial connectivity layer in the crypto space, facilitating seamless integration and intent-driven application development.


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