Title: “Mark Cuban’s Revived NFT Sales Spark Crypto Community Interest”

Jun 25, 2024

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Mark Cuban’s NFT Sales from Dormant Wallet


After almost two years of inactivity, billionaire Mark Cuban’s cryptocurrency wallet was found selling non-fungible tokens (NFTs), generating around $38,533 in just two days.


Cuban’s Ethereum Name Service (ENS) wallet, under the name “markcuban.eth,” resumed activity on June 23 by selling a variety of NFTs, including Pudgy Penguins, Wrapped MoonCats, DeepBlack NFTs, and EulerBeats Genesis.

Main Points

Cuban’s wallet last transacted on January 13, 2022, with the sale of Roc Aero Pitch Deck NFT for $33.73. The recent sales included 14 NFTs, with Pudgy Penguin #6239 selling for $30,578 as the highest-valued NFT. Cuban also listed two valuable NFTs – Hashtag NFT #MFFL for 15 Ether and BibleNFT Deuteronomy 25:4 for 5 ETH, potentially exceeding $100,000 in total sales.

These sales coincided with Cuban’s security issue on June 23, where he reported a suspected Gmail account hack. Despite this, he managed to resolve the situation and restore his account by June 25.


Mark Cuban’s NFT sales from his dormant wallet have attracted attention due to the sudden activity after years of inactivity. The sales, totaling over $38,000 in a short period, highlight the ongoing interest in NFTs within the crypto community.