Title: “Metaplanet’s Bold Bitcoin Move: Embracing Crypto for Future Growth”

Jun 24, 2024

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Metaplanet Expands Bitcoin Holdings with Recent Purchase


Metaplanet, a Japanese investment firm, increases its Bitcoin holdings through a $6.25 million purchase using funds from a recent bond issue. This move reflects the company’s confidence in Bitcoin as an asset and aligns with the trend of institutions investing in cryptocurrency.


Metaplanet, known as “Asia’s MicroStrategy,” recently disclosed a significant Bitcoin purchase worth ¥1 billion. The company’s decision to invest in Bitcoin aims to diversify its investment portfolio and mitigate economic uncertainties, utilizing recent bond proceeds to fund the acquisition.

Main Points

Metaplanet’s directors approved a $6.25 million Bitcoin purchase, funded by the company’s bond issue. With this acquisition, Metaplanet’s total Bitcoin holdings exceed 240 BTC, valued at around $15 million, indicating a strategic shift towards cryptocurrency as an investment asset. The company plans to retain these holdings for the long term to leverage Bitcoin’s potential benefits.

Amidst concerns over the depreciating yen and Japan’s escalating debt, Metaplanet views Bitcoin as a hedge against economic instability. Previous Bitcoin purchases, including a recent acquisition of 23.25 BTC, have contributed to Metaplanet’s growing investment in cryptocurrency, signaling a proactive approach towards asset diversification.


By expanding its Bitcoin holdings through strategic purchases, Metaplanet demonstrates a forward-looking investment strategy amidst economic uncertainties. The company’s use of Bitcoin as a financial instrument underscores the growing trend of institutional engagement with cryptocurrency, reflecting a nuanced approach to portfolio diversification and risk management.