Title: “Revolutionizing Blockchain Storage: TiTok’s Image Compression Advancement”

Jun 16, 2024

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TiTok Image Compression for Blockchain


A new image compression technique called TiTok, developed by researchers from ByteDance and the Technical University Munich, has gained recognition for its potential blockchain applications, notably endorsed by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin.


Researchers from ByteDance and the Technical University Munich have introduced TiTok, a cutting-edge image compression method that significantly reduces picture sizes, making them more suitable for storage on the blockchain. TiTok has received praise from Vitalik Buterin for its innovative approach and potential impact on blockchain technology.

Main Points

The TiTok compression technique condenses high-quality images into 32 bits, allowing for efficient storage on the blockchain. By employing sophisticated AI and machine learning, TiTok transforms 256×256 pixel pictures into compact representations using transformer-based models, breaking grid constraints in 2D tokenization methods.

Through the elimination of redundant information in images, TiTok achieves exceptional efficiency and effectiveness in reducing data size. This breakthrough has implications for NFTs and digital image storage, particularly profile pictures (PFPs).


The TiTok image compression method offers a groundbreaking solution for storing images on the blockchain, with potential implications for various applications including NFTs and digital image storage. With the endorsement of Vitalik Buterin, TiTok showcases the power of AI-driven innovations in the blockchain space.