Title: “Revolutionizing Digital Experiences: BLOCX. Unveils Integrated Platform”

Jun 18, 2024

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BLOCX. Launches Integrated Platform for Streamlined Digital Experience


BLOCX. has introduced a new integrated platform aiming to simplify and secure digital experiences by combining essential services into a single ecosystem, reducing the need for multiple software solutions.


In an effort to enhance user experience and promote decentralization, BLOCX. has unveiled a suite of products including B. Desktop, B.TXT, B. Marketplace, and B. Guard. These products are designed to offer various functionalities such as computer management, decentralized messaging, distributed computing marketplace, and mobile security suite.

Main Points

B. Desktop (All-in-One Computer Manager): BLOCX.’s primary product, offering decentralization and a range of features accessible via a non-custodial wallet, including malware protection, remote access, and a password vault.

B.TXT (100% Decentralized Messenger): A decentralized messaging platform with secure encryption protocols and unique features like text to voice, message translations, and crypto wallet integration.

B. Marketplace (Distributed Computing Marketplace): A user-friendly platform for renting computing power, with integration with nuco.cloud for maximizing profits.

B. Guard (All-in-One Mobile Suite): A comprehensive mobile security suite featuring malware protection, system optimization, VPN, and more.

Why BLOCX. and Why NOW?: BLOCX. is transitioning to an ASIC-resistant algorithm and gearing up to launch B. Marketplace to facilitate GPU-minable currency mining and computing power rental.


BLOCX. is revolutionizing the blockchain and computing sectors with its decentralized solutions, emphasizing security, efficiency, and user-centric experiences. With upcoming releases and strategic partnerships, BLOCX. aims to set new standards in the digital solutions industry.