Title: “Revolutionizing Global WiFi: Roam’s Integration on Solana Mobile’s Saga Phone”

Jun 25, 2024

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Roam Integration onto Solana Mobile’s Saga Phone


Roam, a leader in the DePIN sector, has integrated onto Solana Mobile’s Saga phone, enhancing global WiFi accessibility and security through decentralized identifiers. The network has rapidly grown, amassing over 3.5 million WiFi spots and 350,000+ app users across 140+ countries.


Roam has achieved a significant milestone by integrating decentralized identifiers and verifiable credentials into OpenRoaming, offering secure WiFi connections without the need for SSIDs and passwords. The ecosystem incentivizes users to contribute to network development, leading to substantial growth and user engagement.

Main Points

Roam’s ecosystem revolves around Roam Points and $ROAM, encouraging users to add WiFi, check-in, and refer friends. The app surpassed 100,000 daily check-ins and added 300,000 network nodes, reflecting user enthusiasm. Launching on Solana Mobile’s Saga phone’s dApp store enhances connectivity and user experience, bridging the gap between Web3 and everyday technology.


The integration onto Solana Mobile’s Saga phone signifies Roam’s dedication to revolutionize global connectivity. By providing a decentralized, accessible, and secure WiFi roaming network, Roam aims to create a more connected world for its users, offering enhanced connectivity and data security through its innovative solutions.