Title: “Revolutionizing Online Security: Verified Credentials and Decentralized Identity on ICP Blockchain”

Jun 18, 2024

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Verified Credentials and Internet Identity on ICP Blockchain


Verified Credentials (VCs) on Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) blockchain offer a walletless solution for secure data sharing while preserving privacy. Introduced at DICE 2024, VCs combat bots on social media and provide strong authentication methods.


Verified Credentials (VCs) introduced by Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) aim to enhance Web3 functionality by providing a secure and privacy-preserving way to share personal data. The recent launch at DICE 2024 in Zurich highlights the importance of VCs in combating misinformation and securing online identities.

Main Points

VCs eliminate the need for traditional wallets by offering a decentralized identity solution through Internet Identity on the ICP blockchain. By using passkeys instead of passwords, VCs ensure secure authentication and defense against phishing attacks. Users have control over the information they share, enhancing privacy.

The Proof of Unique Humanity (PoUH) utilizes biometric data to prevent multiple online identities, promoting ethical conversations on social media. VCs provide a solution to the issue of bot activity and misinformation by requiring users to authenticate as human beings with unique credentials.


Verified Credentials and Internet Identity on the ICP blockchain offer a revolutionary approach to data sharing and online authentication. By leveraging VCs and PoUH, users can securely interact online while maintaining control over their personal information, ultimately fostering a more trustworthy online environment.