Title: “Tanzania’s Tax Proposal for Crypto Traders: Boosting Revenue Through Regulatory Shifts”

Jun 18, 2024

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Tanzania’s Proposal for a 3% Tax on Crypto Traders


Tanzania’s Finance Minister has proposed a 3% tax for crypto traders as part of amendments to the Income Tax Act, aiming to boost the country’s revenue.


In 2021, Tanzania lifted its ban on cryptocurrency following a change in presidency. Recently, the Tanzanian government introduced a 3% tax for crypto traders, along with other amendments to enhance the finance system.

Main Points

The proposed amendment, suggested by Dr. Mwigulu Lameck Nchemba Madelu, includes tax withholding on digital assets and requires foreign citizen crypto traders to register with the Revenue Authority. These changes are anticipated to generate 465 million shillings for Tanzania’s revenue.

Historically, Tanzania resisted adopting crypto, but the recent shift in policy aligns with the growing global trend towards crypto regulation. The country also plans to tax digital content creation to further increase revenue.


Tanzania’s move towards taxing crypto traders marks a significant shift in its approach to digital assets. The country’s focus on enhancing revenue through these amendments reflects a broader trend of regulatory developments in the crypto sector globally.