Title: “Unveiling IOTA’s Integration Progress with Ethereum Virtual Machine”

May 23, 2024

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IOTA Foundation Security Check Integration with Ethereum Virtual Machine


The IOTA Foundation recently announced that it received top marks in a security check while integrating the Ethereum Virtual Machine. However, this announcement is not entirely new and raises questions about the progress of the integration.


IOTA has been working on integrating the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and aimed to create buzz around this by releasing a progress report. The security firm Tokyo conducted extensive testing on the EVM and smart contracts on IOTA, awarding a perfect score of 100 out of 100 points.

Main Points

The report by Zokyo, which dates back to March, had already been acknowledged by IOTA Foundation CEO Dominik Schiener. Despite IOTA’s attempt to present this as new progress, it appears to be a reiteration of an old achievement. The EVM’s activation, originally anticipated in the 1st quarter, is still pending without a new target date.

The EVM is crucial for IOTA as it is expected to enhance the ecosystem by enabling various use cases like decentralized finance and blockchain gaming. While the EVM has been operational in the IOTA side project Shimmer since last fall, it has not garnered significant traction.

With over 150 other crypto projects already integrating the EVM, skeptics question the significance of IOTA’s EVM integration. The delay in activation and lack of clarity on partnerships raise concerns about the project’s future success.


IOTA’s handling of the EVM integration highlights a pattern of repeating past mistakes. The recent security check announcement serves as another instance of repackaging old information. The uncertainty surrounding the activation of the EVM and potential partners indicates a lack of progress and communication within the IOTA Foundation.