Title: “Upbit Unveils BLAST Trading Pairs: Enhancing Crypto Options”

Jun 24, 2024

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Upbit Announces BLAST Launch – Summary


Upbit, a South Korean crypto exchange, has announced the launch of BLAST trading pairs for KRW, BTC, and USDT, with trading expected to start on Wednesday. The airdrop date is confirmed for June 26.


South Korean crypto exchange Upbit has revealed plans for the introduction of BLAST trading pairs, including the governance token of L2 network Blast. This move is set to enhance the trading options available on the platform.

Main Points

Upbit, a licensed exchange in South Korea with a substantial trading volume, is set to introduce BLAST trading pairs. The tokens will be distributed through Blast Gold and Blast Points to developers and users. Blast, an Ethereum layer 2 network, has recently experienced significant growth in daily transactions and active users.


Users are required to sign into their Blast dashboard with an Ethereum account to be eligible for the airdrop allocations. Blast’s rising popularity and value locked indicate a positive trend in the network’s performance.