Title: “UXLINK’s Landmark Achievement: Leading the SocialFi Revolution with 10M Users”

Jun 18, 2024

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UXLINK Achieves Milestone with 10 Million Registered Users


UXLINK has surpassed 10 million registered users, marking a historic moment in the blockchain and SocialFi industries. This achievement underscores its position as the first product in these domains to reach such a significant user base.


UXLINK recently announced its milestone of exceeding 10 million registered users, solidifying its presence in the emerging field of SocialFi. The Chief Technology Officer, Bob Ng, sheds light on UXLINK’s user data metrics and addresses key questions surrounding the platform’s success.

Main Points

UXLINK emphasizes “registered users” over unique wallet addresses due to the prevalence of invalid addresses in the crypto space and the platform’s focus on genuine social interactions. The concept of UXUY Holders, a non-transferable POW score for community growth, incentivizes user interaction. The criteria for UXLINK holders include community contribution, on-chain activity, and wallet assets.


UXLINK implements anti-sybil measures to maintain community integrity and quality. A comparison with NOTCOIN highlights UXLINK’s strong on-chain data and user engagement. Bob Ng emphasizes UXLINK’s commitment to trust-building through social connections and outlines future plans for asset utilization and ecosystem development.