Title: “Zeek’s Groundbreaking SocialFi Funding and Collaboration Revolution”

Jun 20, 2024

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Zeek Completes $3M Seed Funding Round in SocialFi


Zeek, a decentralized collaboration network for on-chain social bounty and reputation, has raised $3M in a seed funding round from investors including OKX Ventures, Animoca Brands, and Mask Network.


Zeek is set to revolutionize social collaboration in the SocialFi space through innovative reputation mechanisms. The Tier-0 Genesis NFT collection, limited to 250 pieces, is scheduled for release later this month.

Main Points:

Zeek has secured $3M in seed funding with investments from various entities including OKX Ventures, Animoca Brands, Mask Network, and several others. The platform aims to promote organic collaboration through on-chain bounties and reputation mechanisms. Users can contribute to social value through ‘Wishes’ and earn ‘Rizz’ based on their engagements, establishing a unique social reputation layer.


With Zeek’s upcoming launch in July, users can expect a new way to establish trust in the Web3 world by leveraging the reputation system. The platform’s focus on financializing social behaviors and building a reputation layer aligns with the future of SocialFi. Zeek offers a novel approach to incentivizing reputation through social collaboration and bounty mechanics, creating new opportunities in the decentralized network space.


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