TMNT: Bebop and Rocksteady Hit The Road #1 Review

Jul 31, 2018


TMNT: Bebop & Rocksteady Hit The Road #1
IDW Publishing

Written by: Ben Bates and Dustin Weaver
Art by: Ben Bates
Colors by: Brittany Peer
Letters by: Shawn Lee

These two morons can’t get out of their own way.

While Bebop and Rocksteady drive through Mexico on their trip back to the US, they reconsider their approach to life. Possibly the deepest conversation they’ve ever had together.

But of course, they hit a couple snags along the way.

They’re able to work through the first problem with some mayhem and about an ounce of strategy – but mostly mayhem.

The other problem – which will likely be the main focus of this series – isn’t something that’ll be solved overnight, especially by these two idiots. It’s also reason enough to read what’s going to happen next with these two monstrous mutants.

I have my theories about what’s going on, but I can’t seem to come up with an explanation that doesn’t have a flaw. That alone will bring me back for next issue.

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This is all, of course, happening while Bebop and Rocksteady are contemplating their next move when they get back on American soil. Not to mention the government is hunting them down – and prepared to use deadly force if necessary. Oh, and they’re dealing with some mutant-type-thing from another dimension.

I’ve always found these two to be among the TMNT’s most entertaining villains. Certainly not the most efficient villains ever, but they are funny. And they certainly show potential in this first issue of the mini-series.

Ben Bates and Dustin Weaver do an excellent job of capturing the essence of these Bebop and Rocksteady, and the dialogue feels consistent, though it certainly isn’t recycled.

My favorite back-and-forth between Bebop and Rocksteady came when Rocksteady was firing off his gun in the big fight. Guns and bullets always make different sounds in the comics, just depends on preference. In this case, Rocksteady’s bullets made a “P-TANG” sound, which doesn’t seem normal, but not necessarily something that I’d question. Bebop felt differently, asking Rocksteady, “’P-Tang’? Did that thing say ‘P-Tang’?” Keep in mind this is all happening mid-fight. A fight these two are exactly in control of either.

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Bates and Weaver certainly have a lot going on in the first issue and could go in a couple different directions with this series.

Bates’s art and Brittany Peer’s colors very much have a “cartoon show” feel, which reflects the light mood of the story. You can’t exactly go very dark or deep with these characters, as much as they’re villains, so their art should be the same way.

If you have a choice between the four covers IDW offers, I’d personally go with the one done by Cory Smith (art) and Peer (colors). Smith make’s Bebop and Rocksteady look about as badass as possible.


Score: 6.5

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