To the Point – Issue #1

Jun 3, 2012

For those of us that hate reading fluff, here are the highlights of what’s going on in the industry.

  • E3 begins this week and there is enough drama for a TNT commercial.
  • Microsoft: Monday at 9:30 PDT – expect blockbuster 3rd party titles that look like they’re only made for the 360. Also some Kinect love and BS figures on how Star Wars Kinect sold a ton. Expect a bundle on that as well.
  • Nintendo: Monday at 3:00 PDT – This should be a good one. Wii U and 3DS sales figures, followed by a few demos but nothing to get you clammering to buy either system. Shiggy, although retired, should make an appearance and will mention a new Mario for Wii U. Nothing will be said of Zelda.
  • Sony: Monday at 5:30 PDT – nothing to lose, everything to gain. Expect new Sony boss Kaz Harai to discuss ushering in a new era of Sony and how Playstation is going to lead the charge. Some hints of future Sony ecosystem stuff (a la Apple) and a slew of first party titles for PS3 and Vita. There will be an announcement of Sony partnering with a cloud gaming service (such as OnLive) which will change make the future of gaming a very near reality. Rumors are the service will allow PS1 and PS2 streaming to any Sony gaming system including the Vita.

I’m out.

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