Today Is The Day, Young Justice Is Back!!

Nov 7, 2016

There have only been a few cartoons shows I have ever considered great. I am a pretty old school when it comes to the animated variety and after watching for 40+ years the list is still limited to fingers. Young Justice makes it pretty close to the top of the list. The show hit so many cords properly and created a world that fans loved. Then the ax fell. Season 2 closed and the show was cancelled. Like so many other great cartoons that met their fate too soon and it was relegated to the cartoon graveyard.


Then came along Netflix and changed the game. Once the show was added to the roster there it regained new life. Fans everywhere were putting it into the “trending” category on a regular basis and many people, like myself, championed it on social media. Something that made this extra special is the simple fact that the show’s creators, Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti, as well as the cast and crew embraced the fan support which added to the fever pitch support was growing for the show. Fans were literally posting transcript of conversations with Netflix expressing their love and support for the show…and Netflix seemed to hint it might return!

Then, well we got our “Today is the Day” moment. Today, November 7, 2017, it was announced that Warner Bros. Animation had begun production on a third season of the show. The fan support had been successful. The love, admiration, hours of binge watching and general cheer-leading for the show was actually heard by the suits that make the decisions. One of the best parts of the press release is Sam Register, President of Warner Bros. Animation & Digital Series even said “The affection that that fans had for ‘Young Justice’ and their rallying cry for more episodes, has always resonated with us.”  The fans made this happen. Is there anything greater than that?!?


As a fan my head is swirling. What will we get from season 3? What happened to Roy Harper, Virgil, and the rest of the runaway teens? What happened to Kaldur and where did he go? What about new characters like the Marvel Family or maybe even have a young Green Lantern join the team (Jessica Cruz anyone?). And most importantly, what happened to Wally West?


How exactly is a guy supposed to stay ‘whelmed’ with news like this?!?


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