Tom Hardy Playing Al Capone In Josh Trank’s ‘Fonzo’

Oct 29, 2016

Deadline has learned that Oscar nominee Tom Hardy has lined-up his next period starring role as playing the notorious Chicago gangster Al Capone in Josh Trank’s (ChronicleFonzo.

Hardy has been recently interested in these types of gangster projects with roles in Peaky Blinders, Legend and Lawless.

Trank has written and plans to direct the gangster flick that is currently in pre-production.

Tom Hardy is attached to play all-time American gangster Al Capone in Fonzo, a new project written and to be directed by Josh Trank. Russell Ackerman and John Schoenfelder of Addictive Pictures and Lawrence Bender are producing the pic, which centers on Capone in the final days of his life. The real-life Capone died in 1947 at age 48.

The pic, now in prepoduction centers on Alfonse Capone, the ruthless businessman and bootlegger who ruled Chicago with an iron fist before being famously taken down by Eliot Ness. After nearly a decade of imprisonment, dementia rots his mind and his past becomes present as harrowing memories of his violent and brutal origins melt into his waking life.


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