Tonor TC-777 Microphone and T20 Studio Boom Arm

Aug 13, 2020

I will be reviewing the ONOR TC-777 Microphone and T20 Studio Boom Arm. Make sure to check out the video to hear the sound quality of the mic.

Tonor Microphone TC-777 

Easy Set-UP:

This microphone was extremely easy to set up with its plug-and-play style setup. Just plug it in order to use it. No drivers are required to use this microphone which is convenient and lowers setup time to a large degree. The microphone has a USB end piece that is compatible with my PC. It also works with my phone, but you must use a USB to USB-C adapter. It also is just plug-and-play for my phone as well. It is pretty much assembled with the tripod when you receive the package. All you have to do is twist on the pop-filter and your good to go.


The tripod it comes with is easy to use with rubber at the ball at the feet of the small tripod so it doesn’t slide. It comes with all the elastic bands you need to use it with the microphone. It’s overall looks and appearance is sleek and stylish you can place the pop filter on the microphone. I wish it was just a tad longer so it can be placed a little farther from the mic but it isn’t a big deal. I love the tripod and use it often along with the mic.


You must be close to the microphone in order to get a louder sound input, but it is also what reduces a lot of the background noises. I went into settings and cranked up the input. It does lead to a little hum in the background if you do this. It is pretty easy to clean this up with an audio program. Everybody should fine-tune this to their own voice and environment. This is a great cardioid microphone that reduced background noises. Overall, the sound is pretty good, allowing crisp and clear capture for one’s voice. This mic is great for video gaming, conferencing, and recording YouTube videos. This is especially good for the price as it is not expensive at all. To hear the microphone in action check out the video above.

Microphone Rating: 8.5/10

T20 Studio boom arm:

The pros of this arm are a laundry list long, the mic has super strong hinges which makes this arm stand super strong and sturdy. This helps make it stay in a position easier. The large clamp at the bottom makes it easy to adjust it to different and thick or thin surfaces. The arm itself is easily adjustable and flexible making it easy to get it in your desired position. This arm is nice because it comes with a large double-layered pop filter and foam cover to use with your microphone as well. This only thing would be you need enough room in between your wall and your desk at the base to clamp on the microphone which is something to think about before purchasing your microphone. Overall this is a great and reasonably priced boom arm. You can pick up the microphone and boom arm combo for less than $100 together which is an amazing price, especially for beginners.

Boom Arm Rating 9.5/10

Totally recommend this microphone along with the studio boom arm, check them out on Amazon: