Jul 7, 2021


Gambling and comic books are two different sectors.  However, their connection started when comic slots were made available on Canadian platforms such as woo casino. Our expert Conrad Brennan (read more about him here) discusses the top 20 comic book games that broke boredom during the lockdown era.

Batman: The Arkham series

Batman’s strengths are crafted well, with fighting skills. Players experience Batman’s face-offs as they enjoy the game.

Marvels: Spiderman

The game’s authenticity sets the pace and makes people across the globe play again and again. Peter unveils his mask after eight years and continues fighting crimes. The game is so huge, and almost every youngster wants to be spiderman.

Injustice 1&2

The game is a mix of storytelling and delusion superhero combat style. It is loved and played by most gamblers. Superman becomes very angry because everyone has taken superpower pills. The super-powered characters go-ahead to fight each other in the world of tomorrow.

The Wolf Among Us

The game is a mystery drama adventure created by Telltale games covering Fables comic book series by Bill Willingham. It contains 2-5 episodes from developers of The Walking Dead. The game is available on Xbox, and players can enjoy the fantastic fun at home or in a gaming casino.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Players love the game for its hype Evo moments. The experienced players enjoy fighters like air juggles, playmate tags, and crazy face-offs because of their mastery in fighting styles and special attacks.

X-men origins: Wolverine

The fantastic game features Wolverine, whose body heals and becomes new once more. The game has featured some parts of Canada, making Canadians embrace it to the fullest.

Lego Batman 2

Lego Batman 2 is the favorite among players. The game is meant for the lovers of Marvel or DC. It has a great touch of style with LEGO’s destruction that adds humor to it. It establishes a smiling experience regardless of the age factor.

Incredible Hulk: Ultimate destruction

Hulk has the power to turn vehicles into weapons, rip off rocket turrets from tanks, throw missiles at enemies, and wreck buildings.

X-men Legends

The game shows how important it is for X-Men to exist. The fantastic comic book game allows players to control multiple characters that fight together as a team. Players develop powers as they move open to the next mission.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a great board game. The brothers join forces and fight in sewers, subways, and in the streets of New York. The idea is to save Manhattan from  Shredder and Krang’s evil council.

Escaping the prison

A fantastic game that calls for players to use anything at hand to escape prison. However, slow moves or mistakes return players to jail.

Breaking the bank

It is a puzzle game created by PuffballsUnited, and it is similar to Infiltrating The Airship and Fleeing The Complex. Online players use the left mouse button to interact.

Guess the pixel

The new game requests task players to identify pixelated versions of Hulk, Captain America, Wonder Woman, and their friends.

Infiltrating the Airship

Players make wise decisions to help Ralph infiltrate a giant airship to capture Henry, the villain.

Stick Beard

The escape game is played directly on browsers. It is embedded with Flash technology to run without issues in all modern browsers.


It is a funny game that captures the importance of a character. Deadpool talks to himself throughout the game and with catchy one-liners.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The world

The game is an accurate recreation of an original comic that uses pixelated sprite art that resembles O’Malley’s skill and style. Every spare pixel is filled with Easter eggs and references to the comic universe.

The Simpsons: The Arcade Game

The Simpsons are not only a TV show but also a comic series. The four family members fight across the streets to save the kidnapped Maggie.

Captain America and The Avengers

The Red Skull assembles an army of super-villains and uses a mind-controlling machine to detect their every move.

DC Universe Online

Gamers have a chance to customize their hero’s looks and powers. They enjoy playing as their superhero in Gotham city.

The golden age of comic book fans has grown to date and the online casinos have contributed a lot. Getting the ideal comic slot can be a challenge unless you land on reputable casinos. The good thing is that you can borrow from woo casino review to get at a good Canadian casino. 

There is an excellent investment in creating great comics and releasing exciting superhero movies. The gaming industry has grown amid the pandemic with the focus on mobile slots and virtual reality. 


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