Top 3 Hardest Raids of Destiny 2

Jul 7, 2022

By Arham Akhtar 


Do you have 6 highly skilled gamer buds with great communication skills? If your answer is yes then Destiny 2 is THE perfect ENDGAME that offers you an experience of the most intriguing raids.

An online multiplayer first-person shooting game with eye-catching visuals, Destiny 2 gives you an enthralling, top-tier experience with some of its minute’s d-boggling raids. Player versus environment or player versus player, the 6 man army has to aim for one collective goal. The difficulty level can range from normal to hard, giving you the perfect way to learn if you are a beginner and attack if you are a pro. Destiny raids are made up of layers i.e. 5 to 8 or more encounters in a single attack. Solve complex and challenging puzzles and win exclusive rewards. Neat! 

Raids are pretty challenging and time-consuming. It’s not a play of 2 minutes but of intricately woven, time-consuming strategies. 

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Do you want to make it out as a winner? You need a solid game plan and cooperation. Hop in, curated around the central idea of teamwork (and your capacity of messing up with your head), let’s take a look at the top 3 Hardest Destiny 2 raids:


Released in 2018, the raid from the forsaken DLC is considered to be one of the most confusing, challenging and the longest Destiny 2 raids. The entry-level required for the raid is 520 and the goal is to chase away the taken forces from the dreaming city. The fireteam has to tackle the powerful beast, Ahamkara, to end the raid. A final blow and the loot is yours, but it’s not that easy now, is it?

According to a lot of players, the vault encounter of Last Wish is extremely daunting and can make you lose pretty quickly. The final boss encounter of the raid with a taken Ahamkara who is now called ‘Riven of a thousand voices’ is also a tough nut to crack. This can easily be called one of the longest destiny raids with a total of 6 encounters. The mechanics of the raid are pretty hard and have to be memorized if you want to take down the boss at showdown.

With the most fantastic visuals, Dreaming city is one of the hotspots and best destinations in the game. Riven, the wish dragon has to be slain and its heart to be fed to the witches. (Is it Game of Thrones x Harry Potter?)

Polygon has published a value-packed article on this raid. 

Riven is considered to be, by far, the toughest boss in the series. An individual messing up will sink the whole ship. With a cooperative and skilled team, the complex raid becomes enjoyable as well as possible to win. 


Released with Shadwokeep in November 2019, the Garden of Salvation, starting on the moon, takes place in the Black Garden which is guarded by Sol Divisitive. The raids are locked behind complex puzzles with a total of 4 encounters. The mechanics require a lot of cooperation and are unmanageable at times, which adds to the complexity of the raid. The raid requires a power level of 920 or above.

The sanctified mind offers the most complex and messy fights in all of destiny 2. The final boss showdown is tough because of so many mechanics and spawns going on together at once. The encounter sheerly relies on a lot of coordination and communication. Your timing goes off, and the next thing you know is that you have lost.

Easily bagging the title of one of the toughest raids, GoS requires a lot of your time and adaptability to get proficient at it.


Set in the heart of Leviathan, the Crown Of Sorrows raid was released in June 2019 Season of Opulence. Though a short raid, it can turn out to be equally challenging as the hardest ones. The recommended power level for this raid is 740. The raid starts with the witch’s blessing and ends with the final takedown. Only a solid understanding of the mechanics and a reliable team effort can make you win this raid.

One of the most chaotic raids consists of a total of 4 primary encounters including the final boss, Gahlran - The Sorrow Bearer, who tricks players by using illusions. The encounter can be hectic because of the deceptions. The phase 2 combats, as noted by the players, are a bit on the tricky side but a great deal of collaboration can just do it for you. With zero room for error, CoS can make you fret.

The overwhelming strategies to use the Buff properly by swapping the blessings and the final encounter with the boss can make the raid become a terrifying nightmare. If you don’t want to be decked, you need a skilled team performing their roles swiftly. 


Teamwork and coordination are the keys to all of the raids, that goes without saying. 

There’s a whole discussion on steam about the difficulty of raids. You can check it out here.

The encounters may seem terrifying and daunting but the right team can make the same experience enthralling. With a strong team, the toughest of raids can become manageable. 


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