Top 31 Villains in Gaming: #24

Oct 8, 2014


For the month of October, we are highlighting the top villains in gaming. Andrew, Jeff, and Jeremie have teamed up to take all those guys you love to hate, and rank them. We will reveal them to you in a countdown, starting with #31 and ending with #1 on Halloween. Check us out each day of the month to see where your favorite villains rank!


#24: David

First Appearance: The Last of Us

Most Notable Appearance: The Last of Us

David is not your typical video game villain. He isn’t looking to bring about the end of the world or kidnap any princesses. He is just trying to survive in a different kind of post apocalyptic world. ┬áIn this game, David is driven by the belief that everything happens for a reason. Nothing is known about this character prior to the cordyceps brain infection that transformed humans into zombie-like beings. If I had to venture a guess I would say that he suffered some type of loss that was so emotional he had to change the person he was in order to keep on living life.

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Upon meeting Ellie, a teenager who supposedly holds the key to curing the aforementioned infection, David seems like a trusting individual. Especially after helping Ellie defend the temporary shelter they found from a bunch of Clickers. Later in the story its revealed that the group David leads are cannibals. Immediately before Ellie is sacrificed she announces that she’s infected and threatens to infect David. During the confusion Ellie escapes. Enraged, David catches up and eventually locks Ellie and himself (crazy right?) in a restaurant that is on fire. David’s demeanor changes as he starts taunting his adversary. In a final, desperate fight, Ellie is able to overcome him with her knife and escape from the flaming building, leaving him behind.

Was David wrong in his view on how to survive in this new world? I believe that answer is yes. I also believe that whatever happened to him prior to the infection was a factor in what he felt he had to do to survive in this post apocalyptic world.

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