5 Must Read Comics Your Kids Can Read on ComicsFix Right Now

Feb 5, 2015


Dynamite’s Li’l Sonja

Story by Jim Zub
Art by Joel Carroll
Cover Art by Art Baltazar

Li’l Sonja by Jum Zub with art by Joel Carroll at ComicsFix!

A sassy pint-sized red head wielding a sword, dragons, hilarious dialogue and games? What more could any kid ever ask for?! One of our favorites in the Li’l Dynamites series, Li’l Sonja packs an endlessly entertaining punch!

Li’l Sonja is adorable and yet every bit the badass that her more grown-up counterpart is, but yet child-friendly enough that I can hand this book over to my younger/tween comic fans at one of my library sites and say, ‘Check this out. Welcome to comics!’ … Five out of 5 scimitars held high on this one! It hit shelves today–go get your copy!” — Whatcha Reading

Read Dynamite’s Li’l Sonja Here>>

Atomic Sheep

by Sally Jane Thompson

Atomic Sheep by Sally Jane Thompson available on ComicsFix!

It’s a tale as old as time–a girl feels like a fish out of water at her new boarding school. But none of those tales have ever been told in such a beautiful way, verbally and visually. It’s stunningly drawn in a mixture of manga-esque and indie styles, and made even more beautiful by the subtle shades of peach and brown coloring the whole story. The main character Tamrika is compassionate, smart and very relatable.

3.8/4 stars — Goodreads

“In the end, Atomic Sheep tells a lovely tale of youthful expression, a sweet and very real look at youth realised on the comic page. Thompson is definitely one to watch.” — Forbidden Planet

Read Atomic Sheep Here>>

Sunrise: A Story About A Monster Searching for the Sun #1

by Heather L. Sheppard

Heather L. Sheppard’s Sunrise: A Story About a Monster Searching for the Sun on ComicsFix

Sunrise begs the question: how can a story be so charming with no words? This journey of a caped little monster friend in search of sunlight showcases a gorgeously colored snowy mountain-scape, complete with dazzling pink-tinted sunrises and expertly-rendered shadows–all of that with no black linework! This is a funny read that a person of truly any age can enjoy.

Have you seen this:
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“The art is beautiful. The monster–for that is all he is called–has a sweet face, with bright black eyes. He’s playful–is he a child? Where are his parents?–and curious, and even dejected at times, when his journey seems to take too long. The backgrounds are beautiful, from the unmistakable roses and oranges of sunrise to the glowing greens of the Aurora Borealis, from the glow of the moon, to the icy cold landscape. The story is wordless, which makes it a great choice to read with children–ask them to tell you a story for a change, pull out your iPad, laptop, or tablet, pull up this book, and snuggle in.” — Whatcha Reading

Read Sunrise Here>>

Kid Beowulf and the Blood Bound Oath

by Alexis E. Fajardo

Alexis E. Fajardo’s Kid Beowulf on ComicsFix

As educational as it is exciting, the first book in the Kid Beowulf series by Lex Fajardo is not to be missed. Kid Beowulf is beautifully drawn in black and white with a range of gentle green shades that bring the book to life. Mix that with the outstanding composition and humorous dialogue and you’ve got yourself a recipe for success: this smart and kid-friendly adaptation is a great introduction to the literary masterpiece we know and love.

“An engaging, action-packed, and modern adventure that smoothly introduces middle level and high school level students to the traditional Beowulf storyline, Farjado has hit a contemporary, literary home-run. While Farjado’s Kid Beowulf is historically thoughtful and well-researched, it is also creative and freshly exciting, for it creates new room and space for Beowulf to recreate itself for generations to come.” — Diamond Bookshelf

4.8/5 stars — Amazon

Read Kid Beowulf and the Blood Bound Oath Here>>

Anne Bonnie #1

by Tim Yates

Tim Yates’ Anne Bonnie on ComicsFix!

While this is a list of best children’s comics, this swashbuckling pirate adventure has proven itself as an intelligent, adventurous story for readers of all ages–yes, that includes adults! Yates’s art is absolutely breath-taking: the nautical scenes are bursting with vibrant colors and movement, almost as if the pirates are about to jump off of the page into our world! And it’s not just an action-packed adventure: it’s also a coming-of-age story led by a brilliant female character. Go read it now!

Have you seen this:

“The idea of a pirate queen or female pirate isn’t a new idea, but the way Tim Yates has approached it is different and unique. The first thing to note is that when a picture of Anne Bonnie is show she’s not the quote-unquote “sexy” pirate, but rather a legit pirate. I think that’s something everyone can appreciate, but more so it plays to the fact that this is an all-ages title; meaning that kids and adults can enjoy it on the same level…. I know that I said its all-ages, but please don’t be fooled into think that it’s for kids only. If you really give this book a shot it’ll surprise and impress you. I know I’ll be back for the next issue, but hopefully you will too.” — Dustin Cabeal

Read Anne Bonnie #1 Here


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