Top Casino Technology Trends

Jul 11, 2018


Who would have thought in the early 1900s that they would be able to enjoy the same casino experience in their own home that they could enjoy in downtown Las Vegas? Huge strides in technology have made this possible, and we are seeing today how technology is still a huge driving force in the online slots and casino world.


Facial Recognition

Fraudsters and cheaters no longer find it so easy to get into the casinos. Using a wig or sunglasses would be a common way to enter a casino undetected, but casinos are now using facial recognition software. This is in the form of cameras outside the casino that are able to identify known criminals just by seeing a portion of their face, and they will be turned away as soon as they get to the door. This technology is hugely effective even in large crowds, capable of scanning hundreds of faces at one time. This is hugely beneficial to customers, as this brings increased security with the knowledge that known lawbreakers are likely to be denied entry to the casino where they are gambling.

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Ticket Vouchers

Many casinos are now giving customers the opportunity to exchange money for vouchers and use them at the tables. They are common to players of video poker and slot machines, and casinos now want players to be able to use vouchers like this at the tables. The idea is that you will go to a machine like you’d be getting cash notes, but instead you’ll get vouchers.  This is a trend that is likely to grow more over the coming years as establishments move towards cashless systems, and it won’t be long until some casinos don’t allow you to have cash out at casinos.


Location Technology

Casinos are using GPS technology to enhance the customer’s experience. Apps can now tell players of the availability of the tables around them in the casino. These apps are also very useful because they can show the customer any restaurants or shops nearby that are worth visiting. It is likely that casinos take advantage of location software when high rollers are approaching a casino. They are given the VIP treatment by management who are there waiting for them when they arrive. It is very likely that the casino is alerted when a high roller is nearby to greet them.

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Whether you are gambling with online slots brand mFortune or at the Luxor in Las Vegas, a concern for the owners is the security of funds transferred over electronic pathways. To ensure this, casinos use encryption tools that are also used by government agencies. The encryption used is 128 bits or even longer, which is seen as very secure and would take any hacker too long to get into the system that they would either be detected or just unsuccessful. However, hackers do innovate constantly, so it is crucial that the casinos stay one step ahead and invest in the latest security technology.


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