TRAILER: The Boys Are Back In ‘Red Dwarf’ Series XI

Aug 28, 2016


Red Dwarf is back!

Series eleven is coming this fall and we have our first look at the teaser trailer, that seemingly alludes to a larger budget than we got with last season. Red Dwarf is coming-up on it’s 30th anniversary in 2018, making it one of the longest running science fiction and comedy series ever to air on television.

The low-budget cult series is mix of genres, think John Carpenter’s sci-fi comedy Dark Star (precursor to Alien), meets Star Trek and Doctor Who. Depending on which episodes you’re talking about the writers tended to use hard-science and theories for the science fiction aspects of the show, that included shapeshifting aliens, alternate realities, time-travel paradoxes, holograms, deep space cryogenics, the evolution of cat people and robots.  It’s also known for it’s practical effects and miniature work.

Red Dwarf returns in the UK on September 22nd on Dave, you’ll have to seek-out listings for North America airings.

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Here’s brief overlook of the series previously to it’s move to Dave, in case you’re unfamiliar with the show.




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