Treyarch Teasing ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’ With Viral Campaign

Apr 8, 2015


We’ll soon learn the master plan behind the work Treyarch Studios has been developing for the last three years on the next Call of Duty game due this November. I think a lot of fans were shocked last year when it was announced that Sledgehammer Games would be entering the release flow with Advanced Warfare and that the Treyarch game would be delayed an entire year.

After the negative reactions towards Infinity Ward’s Ghosts fans obviously were hungry for something fresh and different, you can easily say that Advanced Warfare took on that demand head-on with the addition of the exo-suit.

Fast-forward to the last couple of days and Treyarch announced an update to Black Ops 2 which included a link to a Snapchat account. They’ve been using this Snapchat account to release viral videos teasing the next game. These videos seem to dispute the talk the next Call of Duty game from being World At War 2. 

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Some are suggesting the images with the light shining between the tree line in this forest is hinting to the number three, meaning the game is Black Ops 3. Not to mention post-WWII hints with a possible 70-80’s helicopter and soldiers. Also, the snowy and forest shots could be pointing towards Alaska which the main characters from the last two games call home when they’re not on missions.

Dr. Salim has also come-up in the viral and it’s suggested he could be the calming meditative voice speaking in the videos. A possible new character to the franchise and might also be revealed to have ties to previous games. The Snapchat account’s name was also updated to Dr. Salim recently.


The name sort of reminds of Samir from James Cameron’s True Lies, a doctor of sorts that uses interesting techniques to get information from unwilling subjects. It’s possible this good doctor could be trying to flush-out information from our main character, being friend or foe. We’ve seen Call of Duty games lift entire scenes and plot points from films previously, so this wouldn’t be out of character.

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You can head over to YouTube and check-out all the fan speculations/theories concerning the viral videos. I’m not ruling-out a WWII tie-in with the story since it’s been established that World At War and Black Ops are linked to each other. A couple of people also believe than an announcement or teaser trailer could be on the way in the coming days or weeks, it’s thought that we won’t see anything official until May but that could change.

Are you excited for the possible return to the Black Ops franchise?


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