Trusting Teammates in “Teen Titans” #2 (Review)

Nov 25, 2016

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Teen Titans #2
DC Comics

Written by: Benjamin Percy
Art by: Diogenes Neves

Teen Titans #2 builds upon last issue’s strong setup and launches this assembled batch of characters into the fight of their lives. Issue #1 provided readers some explanation of why Damian brought, or kidnapped, this group of heroes together. Last issue gave readers a strong start to this new series and provided a compelling plot involving Ra’s ah Ghul trying to bring Damian back or kill him in the process. Johnboy Meyer’s provided readers provided readers with some direct commentary on former Teen Titans teams and launched the new team into an exciting plot.speed-chase

Issue #2 picks up directly from the first issue and provides a little more background. Damian and his mother Talia conduct a rain soaked conversation high atop the Gotham skyline. This water logged confrontation invokes a range of emotions in both Damian and Talia and provides an excellent opportunity for artist Diogenes Neves to show his range. Neves displays the sadness and determination of Damian. Neves art is sligthly different than former artist Johnboy Meyers, but their styles are not drastically different that it creates any tonal shift in the series. This is a blessing for readers since Meyers and now Neves nail the youthful energy and darker threat that center this team and storyline. As the issue turns into a frenetic fight scene, Neves captures the energy and power of each character distinctly. Each team member has their own fighting style and tactics and Neves artwork shines in the fight scenes.

Writer Benjamin Percy does not take the fight scenes off and mixes in revelations for the team about Damian and his history. For a team that was pulled together by force, establishing trust continues to a plot point. Percy provides a number of avenues for the characters to explore the rationale for Damian’s actions and for the other Titans to understand the threat they are faced with. While the plot around the assassins targeting each Titan seems thin on justification, the assassins do not have a history or association with the Titan they are targeting, this could be slowly revealed over the course of the arc. Even without a prior connection, the assassins provide a reflection of the different powers of each hero and ultimately should provide the narrative hook for the heroes to have to work together as a team to succeed.

With Percy’s strong pacing and character building and Neves successful artist transition, Teen Titans remains an enjoyable and exciting book. Damian’s getting more time in the spotlight with the upcoming Super Sons title, but here he displays less of the egotistical brat traits and is starting to show hints of growing into the leader his father is.

Issue #2 provides more action than the first issue, but does not skimp on the story. Percy and now Neves give readers an issue that highlights the diverse power set of the team and slowly builds the trust of these new Titans. Damian’s transition and the development of the rest of the cast provides an exciting source of action and exploration for Percy and Neves.

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