Try to Stay Dry in “Aquaman” #1 (Review)

Jun 22, 2016


Aquaman #1
DC Comics

Written by: Dan Abnett
Illustrations by: Andrew Hennessy, Bradley Walker

Aquaman is a relaxing and enjoyable read to kick off Summer. This issue starts off with a little romance between Aquaman and Mera. This lovely slow start to the novel is pleasant and while reading it I had this peaceful happy feeling. This tone continues on. As the opening of the Atlantean Embassy draws near, people mingle and you can still feel the bliss. I have never read an Aquaman comic before, but reading this issue really got me interested in the King of the Sea and what he has to offer.

I like how Aquaman is portrayed as this chivalrous knight with his blonde hair and valiant character. This comic keeps the original spirit of Aquaman and his king-like demeanor. by the end of this story, I think Abnett will really test his character by having him confront his inner demons, the public, and his greatest enemies. Other literary aspects I love about this issue is the fact the colors are bright and there is plenty of emotion in each character’s face thanks to the work of Hennessy and Walker.AQM-1-3-c8e8e

As expected, issue one sets up the story arc well. Aquaman continues to bridge the gap between man and Atlantis and without spoiling anything, the arch nemesis of Aquaman shows up to prevent Aquaman’s dream. Having read the other DC rebirth titles, I feel there is no problem keeping the original heroes and villains. However, I do think at the very least a little more shock and suspense would have made a great addition to this issue. Something new or something different in DC comics that makes the reader want to pick up this Aquaman reboot over all the others. This issue didn’t give me that jolt, but it did remind me of being a kid watching Aquaman in the cartoons.

If you are heading to the beach and want a great comic to read in the sun, then this issue will get you pumped up for another entertaining story Aquaman story arc.

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