TUNES: Jeff Bridges’ Album ‘Sleep Tapes’ Is Magical

Feb 10, 2015

You might have noticed the slightly bizarre Super Bowl ads with Jeff Bridges promoting his Squarespace website Dreaming With Jeff.

Well it’s a legit site and includes his album titled ‘Sleeping Tapes‘ and is streaming in it’s entirety there. It’s intention is to get listeners into the mood and readiness for sleep.

As someone who digs a little guided mediation before bed I wasn’t too opposed to the idea of The Dude himself helping me visit dreamland.

I can tell you it’s just as odd/experimental as you’d imagine but it does serve it’s purpose as the tracks are really relaxing to listen even if the combination of words or the conversations don’t really go anywhere and aren’t as coherent as you’d expect them to do.

With that said, the music in the background is eerily atmospheric and really sets the tone.

You can purchase a downloadable copy of the album which has all proceeds going to the charity No Kid Hungry. There are also other various donation options that include cassette and vinyl hardcopies of the album which in-return purchases meals for hungry kids in America.

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It’s a great cause and the album is magical, I’m looking forward to Jeff making more stuff like this in the future.

Check it out for yourself.


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