Tying Up Loose Ends in “The Violent” #3 (Review)

Mar 8, 2016

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TheViolent-03-1-70f4cThe Violent #3
Image Comics

Story by: Ed Brisson
Art by: Adam Gorham
Color by: Michael Garland

Even though this series is only on its third issue it has proven to be full of surprises. Brisson, Gorham, and Garland are creating a compelling narrative that has already shown itself to be full of potential. With Becky found, Mason seeks to tie up loose ends from the events of issue #2. However, in doing so he finds himself at a moral crossroads that could either mean the end of his family or those 03Violent-5a4e0around him.

The pacing of this series has certainly kept up as it has done nothing but provide a continual sense of turmoil and tension both for its characters and audience. Not only has each issue left me biding my time until the next, but also each one creates situations that are progressively worse for the characters. While their daughter, Kaitlyn, is being kept from them, Mason and Becky seek to gain control of their lives again after each begins a gradual descent. While Becky comes to terms with the mistakes she made, Mason seems to only put himself in more dire straits.

03Violent2-2bde6Being only on issue three, there has not been much time for the creative team to lose their momentum. When I reviewed issue one, I claimed that Brisson, Gorham, and Galand are creating a narrative both superb and tragic in nature and this still remains true. The art and dialogue fit so well together that I can’t help but give it praise. In unison these two elements form the tragic nature of this story that act as a testament to the craft of the series. While it’s still too early to praise the title collectively, there’s nothing stopping me that saying that each issue, and surely those to come, will be both emotionally charged and physically violent.