Umbra – Your Next Kickstarter

Jun 6, 2015


Hello Geeks! I recently came upon what I think is a killer ARPG on Kickstarter: Umbra:

Open world, free progression hack ‘n’ slash! Turn into a personalized Apocalyptic Form and unleash your powers upon your foes!

Umbra has the core features of other ARPGs with a couple of cool features that help it stand out to me, and more than 7500 other backers.

Apocalyptic Form is a mechanic that allows players to shape shift into customized characters with a fully baked system. SolarFall Games, the developer of Umbra who have received high praise from the Kickstarter staff, are highly leveraging the CRYENGINE from Crytek.

Umbra shows the huge potential that CRYENGINE offers for even the smallest teams to create visually stunning games. SolarFall’s use of particle effects and vegetation turned a lot of heads on the show floor at GDC, and we’ve been consistently impressed by the expertise they have shown in getting the most out of our technology.” - Frank Vitz, Creative Director, Crytek

I’ll report more as I gain access to the Alpha, Beta, and so on. We’ll also host the SolarFall team on our Games Podcast soon. Let us know what questions you have for the team!

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