Under the Dome a “Convergence: Speed Force #1” Review

Apr 8, 2015

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SF COV !Convergence: Speed Force #1
DC Comics

Written by: Tony Bedard
Art By: Tony Grummett & Sean Parsons

In Speed Force #1 Tony Bedrard gives readers the type of stories that if one had to guess will most likely be the most fondly remembered at the end of the epic Convergence event.  Stories that provide fun, but meaningful stories involving previous incarnations of their favorite DC heroes.  Spinning out of Convergence we have a story through the eyes of a classic Wally West as the Flash as he brings his twins Jai and Iris through the Speed Force and into Gotham City before things begin to Converge.

The primary problem in this event spin-off comes in the form of the setup.  As things begin to unfold in the rest of the multi-verse laden city of Brainiac’s Telo’s, 3/4 of the West family literally finds themselves trapped under the dome and stuck in Gotham City.  Things that happen inside the dome are as forgettable as the terrible CBS hour long drama of the same name.  However before and after the fall of the Dome is where this book really thrives.  As we see the joy of the West twins realizing how to navigate the speed force for the first time or The Flash’s first interaction with the one and only speedster/bird by the name of Fastback of the Zoo Crew.

The book’s greatest accomplishment comes through invoking the hidden, but heavy heart of the Wally West CONV SF PAGEcharacter.  While most Readers recognize Barry Allen as the more emotional version of the Flash and West as the wise-cracker , Bedard does a decent job of showing us the emotional side of Wally.  Through his hell bent mission to reunite his family and get them out of the dome trapped Gotham.  We see the true grit generally associated with the West version of the Flash while never jeopardizing any of the extra layers established in this book.

In Speed Force #1 Tony Bedard manages to craft so much more than simply a fun big event spin-off .  He touches at the emotional core of a generally entertaining, but shallow character.  Regardless of what happens to this version of Wally West post Convergence the character has been given a much needed boost in humility.


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