Undiscovered Country #10 (REVIEW)

Nov 25, 2020


Undiscovered Country #10
Image Comics

Written by: Scott Snyder & Charles Soule
Art by: Giuseppe Camuncoli & Leonardo Marcello Grassi
Coloring by: Matt Wilson
Lettering by: Crank!

Personally, the Unity zone in Undiscovered Country is my nightmare.

Not that Destiny was somewhere I’d necessarily want to live either. That place just doesn’t seem possible to me. Doesn’t make it any less interesting, it just doesn’t give me the same uneasiness.

Unity message is great — and pretty much what you’d expect. The problem is, when you throw advanced technology into the mix, it’s hard to know what sense of the word the people of this zone are focusing on.

Are they unified in the sense that they all have their own freedom but are prepared to have each other’s back at the drop of a hat? Or is everything melded together to create a larger, “united” entity. I tend to think the latter, especially with the way we see things operate in Unity.

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We get a better idea in Undiscovered Country #10.

Very excited to see where things go after this issue. As much as Destiny created has these monstrous beings that wreaked havoc, the new challenges they’re set to face seem far less manageable.

(WARNING: Spoilers for Undiscovered Country #10 ahead.)

Sometimes, I don’t like being right. 

But, I can’t be the only one who had an idea that Unity would be just as dangerous as Destiny, if not more so.

The craziness that ensues in Undiscovered Country #10 is just another version of what can happen when the machines get too much power. And the people who trust them too much are (CLEARLY) suspect, too.

Despite the fact the Unity zone has given me the creeps since the crew visited, I will say, it gave us the line from Chang that everyone needs to hear: “Our two empires don’t care about anything as much as bringing each other down.”

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Score 8.5

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