Up, Up and Away with “Supergirl: Rebirth” #1 (Review)

Aug 17, 2016


SGREB-Cv1-ds-593d0Supergirl: Rebirth #1
DC Comics

Written by: Steve Orlando
Art by: Emanuela Lupacchino, Ray McCarthy and Michael Atiyeh

Argo City is the setting where members of the Science Council, led by Zor-El, are deciding the fate of Lar-On, who they deem to be a threat to the city and its people. A cutaway scene to Earth where Supergirl’s foster parents, Jeremiah Danvers and Eliza Danvers and the Department of Extranormal Operations Director Cameron Chase are trying to launch her on a trajectory to the sun. She has lost her powers and the only way to get them back is to get close enough to the sun to restore them.

Steve Orlando’s writing could be an episode of the Supergirl TV show. I really like how he starts out with an antagonist of low stature because that way he has SGREB-1-6-6ee68something to build up to with a more formidable adversary in future issues. The writing in Supergirl flowed quite smoothly after the scene moved from Argo City to Earth. Steve Orlando shows Supergirl’s emotions during a battle with an antagonist and the dialogue shows an empathetic and compassionate heroine. Some of the writing seemed forced though. The writing in the dialogue bubbles on the last few pages are vague and hard to read, as in I almost had to use a magnifying glass to read the words. The canon may be off in this book with regard to one other title: Superman. An example would be if you are in the book Nightwing and you are talking about Batman being dead, there better be a good explanation for why Batman is alive in such titles as Detective Comics and Batman All-Stars. I want cohesion and uniformity; reason and logic.

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Emanuela Lupacchino, Ray McCarthy and Michael Atiyeh combined effort on the artwork is great in some panels then lacking on others. An example is one panel pans in whereas the other pans out to offer more and less artwork, respectively. The colors used and the details surrounding the sun such as the solar flares on pages 5 and 8 are radiant and naturalistic. All of the nighttime scenery is done with an air of covert military operations about to get underway. Page 9 holds the best colors and artwork since Churchill and Rapmund 2005-2011 run with Jeph Loeb.

Overall, I think Supergirl has so much potential because of how well the writing was done on this initial issue. By not starting it off with her in a predicament that does not have her facing someone such as Darkseid in the first issue it allows the writer to build up to a greater threat in future issues. I know, he is Superman’s main nemesis, I am only using him as an example. The one problem I had was with the canon and I mentioned that in my example above with Nightwing and Batman. If you were a fan of the Loeb, Churchill, & Rapmund run of Supergirl, I would recommend this run as well.

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