UPDATE: Jon Bernthal and Dakota Fanning Starring In BMW Short Film Directed By Neill Blomkamp

Sep 20, 2016


Director Neill Blomkamp posted the follow image with actor Jon Bernthal in special forces/mercenary/military costume on set for a mystery project, that apparently also has Dakota Fanning involved.

UPDATE: The project has been revealed and it’s Clive Owen’s BMW shorts as his character The Driver. Owen of course stars alongside Bernthal and Fanning, which is titled The Escape and will debut in October.



It could be easily be a live-action trailer for the newest release of Call of Duty which usually rolls-out the fall. Blomkamp is an avid gamer and did live-action trailers for Halo, even going as far as almost making a live-action Halo movie at Fox with Peter Jackson producing.

Blomkamp has jokingly teased over the years that the creative team over Sledgehammer Games and Treyarch have lifted a lot of material for their Call of Duty games from his films Elysium and Chappie. It’s possible Activision reached-out to Blomkamp to direct one of their game trailers.

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Jon’s costume would suggest this, plus we’ve seen plenty of celebrities make cameos in previous Call of Duty trailers along with known directors behind the camera. Keep in mind, Jon was previously involved with the franchise playing a character in Advanced Warfare‘s Exo-Zombies mode and a return for a trailer isn’t out of the question.

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Some other possibilities could be something for Jon Bernthal’s Punisher series, which is currently casting roles. Time travelling adaptation The Gone World is said to be his next feature film. While very unlikely, could also be something for Alien 5, but we’re not entirely convinced by these other options by the garb worn by Jon in the set photo.

Another set photo posted by Jon Bernthal on Twitter in costume reveals his character is security for company called Molecular Genetics, and could be tied to that image Neill posted of that freaky head sculpt. Jon also refers to the project as a film in the post.

Could this possibly be from a new Blomkamp movie such as The Gone World and not something Call of Duty related?

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Whatever this project is, it doesn’t look like Blomkamp is revealing what it exactly is at this point.



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